Behind the Scenes for Caroline Schiff

Caroline is a brilliant fashion photographer I met in New York years ago.  She invited me along on our first meeting to film her working.  We have been friends ever since and she brings me on to as many of her shoots as schedule allows.  My work with her helped to prepare me for the Out of the Body experiments.


I met Christine in 2007 when she was designing American-made, organic, 'eco-fashion' in New York City.  We struck up an immediate friendship and she enlisted me to make a series of videos promoting her clothing.  I wanted to pursue the concept of a fashion video, wholly centered on clothing, in which the models actually wore as little of the clothing as possible.  I applaud the two models for their consummate professionalism and the entire crew for their amazing work on set.  The second video in this series marks my most successful YouTube foray ever with over 100k views.  Christine used the videos for all sorts of things including several red carpet events and shows.  It was a very fun project.