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I periodically get the chance to DP different types of commercial spots that most often end up on the web.  This is where I learn the most since it is where we tend to have decent budgets and the shooting days aren't very crazy.  It gives me time to conceive new types of shots (for me, anyhow) and to work with gear I would not otherwise have access to and hire crews that I know have the wherewithal to do a great job.

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The Joshua Tree Project

A small group of friends and I went to the Joshua Tree desert with the intention of exploring the area photographically.  We were a costume designer, hair stylist, make up artist, photographer, filmmaker and two models.  We stayed together in an artist's house where we also worked for the duration of the project.

Mustang Millionaire Splash Page

Mustang Millionaire Splash Page

Nat Geo WILD - Lincoln Square Productions - MUSTANG MILLIONAIRE

After shooting sizzle reels for ABC/Lincoln Square Productions for a few months in 2013, I was given the opportunity to shoot a reality show for them.  Mustang Millionaire is the result of that production.  We went out into the middle of America and followed six cowboys as they trained wild mustangs for a competition.  I grew up around horses.  They are incredible animals and it was a joy to spend so much time with them and with people that are so adept at working with them. I had a lot of fun getting back into landscapes that I love.  The show came out beautifully and I encourage you to watch it if you are so inclined.  The series is three hour-long episodes.